A Tarantino Universe

Here at Silk we love Tarantino's movies. So we created a Silk collecting 36 movies where Quentin was an actor, director, producer or writer. We interlinked this data with the characters in each of these movies (1784!) and the actors (1526). This allows you to explore an incredibly large interactive database, which you can query for endless insights and visualization. You can click on a specific movie, character or actor to access their fact sheet. Otherwise you can use Silk's powerful "Explore mode" to combine variables, add filters and choose the type of graph you want to visualize. With Silk, you will be able to query all the data dynamically, to generate custom interactive visualizations like the following. A tip: remember to use the filters to customize what is shown!

Budget, Wins and Nominations

Tarantino's Filmography

Filter for movies where Tarantino had a role as either actor, director, producer or writer. Or choose "Yes" for all variables to see the three most "tarantinized" movies.

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About this site

This site was created with Silk, a platform for easily structuring information, so that it can be organized, queried, visualized and shared in a few clicks. The Silk team built this as a demonstration project. You can contact us at feedback@silk.co

For each movie, we aggregated data from: 

  • IMDb (for storyline, cast, budget and awards. And for information on characters and actors)
  • Wikipedia (for images and other information from Tarantino Filmography page)
  • Freebase (for release dates, country of origin, rating, genres, directors and writers)

To prepare the data for Silk, we used ImportXml function of Google Sheets, Kimono Labs Api, and Open Refine for cleaning.